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Through working as the webmaster for Outback Guidance, we had found through a recent survey that the tool our dealers used the most was our GPS Solution Wizard, a tool that helps growers find what level of accuracy they need for their use. Originally organized as a flowchart, I restructured the tool into a proposed mobile interface that would ask users simple questions and direct them to one of our new steering systems.

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Original Issues

A lot of use, but much involvement from the user

An Outback Dealer survey told us that their most-used featured on the site was our GPS Solution Wizard, which was really three images that made up a small slideshow on the site. Users had to go through a mixture of scenarios within the diagrams to determine which features they needed for their steering and GPS solution.

My proposal was to eliminate the work done by the user and to break it down into simple Yes or No questions that would lead the user to an appropriate package and instill confidence in their buying decision.


Where now?

Once you went through the entire diagram, there was no call to action. And frankly, it would be difficult to take users to a place other than the Products page because we had not configured anything for them or retrieved any user input.

My proposal would get the information needed about their product needs, assemble a package, and, using app location permissions combined with a dealer database, let them call or email their nearest dealer about the package they had created.

Initial Sketches


First and foremost, I needed to map out the logic path so I would know where selections would take users.


After a certain point, users would either go with eDriveXC or XD with L1/L2 RTK or eDrive XC or XD with OmniStar HP/XP. If they had environmental challenges, GLONASS, and extended satellite system, would be added.


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