Outback Guidance – eDrive X Series

As a webmaster and graphic designer for Outback Guidance through AgJunction, I work on a variety of projects through print and web.

To promote our newest line of steering systems, I worked with our marketing and sales staff to help create a campaign to promote a new line of autosteer products that get you centimeter-level accuracy in planting, with another high-precision brand, Exmark mowers.

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The Next Revolution in Autosteer

The Product

In the late 1990s, Outback Guidance released the first of its kind in autosteer solutions for farm equipment. It allowed users to “Just Let Go” and watch as their implement could follow waylines and complete turns, all with decimeter and centimeter-level accuracy. Decades later, it was hard to top ourselves, as many users were still using our original guidance systems from the same time period. Some competitors had started stocking it in the farm equipment in the factory, but for users needing to wait to make that investment, Outback still remained the answer.

By fitting all the quality in a smaller package, we were giving users more room in the cab as well as giving them a shot at a brand-new steering wheel. Not only did we need to make our promotions big to make a splash in the market, but logistically we needed new packaging, new graphics, new advertisements, web banners, and more.

Our vendor was responsible for shooting the products in his studio, and we worked together on print ads for trade magazines. I was responsible for the product logo, print materials, web banners, and social media posts.

The Package

Through training from a packaging course as well as working with our packaging vendor, I created a layout for our package that is designed to suit both the eDriveXC and eDriveXD. I used a QR code on the box so users could get the latest-and-greatest user manual without having to waste time looking for the original.

Where the Field Meets the Lawn: Exmark + Outback

Both Exmark and Outback are well known for high-quality, precision products. Through coordination with a vendor, we were able to host a giveaway of an Exmark mower upon signup, which required users to provide their contact information as well as let us know their farming applications so we could provide them the best products.

Busy at the Booth

During trade shows, many attendees would be waiting in line to ask about our products or simply wanting to sign up for the giveaway. On the site, many users are hesitant to provide all the details needed to fulfill the requirements for the giveaway.

By tweaking an iPod click wheel script from CodePen by Asus Furai combined with the graphics I provided to our programmer, we created an interface that allow users to simply click on their application and get an entire GPS and autosteer package along with the MSRP. With an attractive interface developed for both tablet and desktop, we enabled users to interact while they were researching at home or at the booth.

In my mobile mockup, I envisioned a quick interface that would allow users to simply configure a package without entering the contest, which would allow us to use the script long after the promotion had ended, and would provide a method to contact their local dealer using location services combined with our small dealer database.


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