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Denny’s UK

I was tasked with updating Denny's UK menu from the USA version. With the list of menu items and a bundle of photos provided, I assembled Denny's assets to create a fresh menu for the UK market to enjoy.

Denny’s UK2018-08-05T18:47:44+00:00

Hyundai UK

For this project, I was tasked to create a UK sales guide while using the Korean version as an inspiration. Hyundai had a great photo selection to choose from, and I spent a lot of time looking over their brand manual to make sure everything — from their photo placements to their header sizes —

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Carena West

Carena West approached me to developed a brand profile to give sponsors, publishers, and other entities the story of her New Zealand-based fashion brand. Using some of her company's excellent branding materials, including her new logo and photography, I was able to provide a booklet to show off the greatness of her brand.

Carena West2016-11-04T21:18:40+00:00

Ethos Magazine

For campus magazine Ethos, I was assigned to design a spread for a feature telling the story of a clothing line created by a former Iowa State student. Using type along with our art director's color palette, I was able to capture the fun nature of the brand.

Ethos Magazine2015-12-11T17:18:14+00:00

The Business Instructor

Since 2014 I've worked directly with London-based business owner Michelle Peters on her guides to improving business. Together we created eBooks provided as freemiums and paid content, as well as images and ads to promote that content.

The Business Instructor2015-12-15T02:52:15+00:00

Family Inceptions

Since 2014, I have helped Family Inceptions develop a portfolio of informational and advertising materials to educate intended parents and donors about the processes.

Family Inceptions2015-12-11T18:01:29+00:00
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